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larvatus -Charmed
Lost at night, you take my hand and won't let go
I try so hard but I can't get away from you
Steal my heart; I hear it beating in your arms
Devour my soul, no longer mine to hold
And you knew from the start
That I can't stray from you…..
I know, I shouldn't let you take me so fully
But I won't put a stop to you….
I can't end this feeling with in my dreams
Couldn't bear to leave, and see this cease
I can't cease…why can't I say no to you
Bewitched by your smile again
I gave in, and have my body stained
Pour into me each drop of you love, so blissfully
Oh what bittersweet ecstasy, come and fill me
I won't let go of you.  
You've drawn me in so easily
Robbed me whole, and ravaged me almost completely
For you I what I can, but I hate to be…
There for you, I can't speak…
The words, and say no to you….
Driven deep into my core
You became all that I cannot ignore
All that I have wanted and more
All I am forced to now adore
For you, I sell my body, mind,
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Sacrificum -Sacrifice
I took their pain and it became mine
I sold my soul to rid me of this night
I cut the seams and let them bleed
Took hold, and set them free
The sound of my grinding teeth
As their demons tore inside me
I take in, drawing each lasting breath
Each time moving closer and closer to death
Hoping it will all come to end
Praying for sweet rapture's light
Beyond the noise of my screaming plights
I see you there within my sights
You held your hand, but I could not reach
You tried to save me, but I knew it would not be
With a favored smile, I hoped you would see
I offered myself to them, without a fight
To save the ones I held onto tight
I gave into fate, and became their sacrifice.
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Eximo -Release
I have tried to kill the pain
With each dose I take it drains away,
The stains that run through my veins
Though sadness still seems to stay
Lost without sight, I am drawn to its guidance
My body once strong, no longer can fight it.
Drowned myself within my sorrow
Begging not to see the light of tomorrow
Standing upon the mirror I look,
With half-closed eyes, and hands which shook
My smile once glimmered now fades
As I see the soulless expression upon my face.
A Soul taken, rather given to relieve the pain
Has left a tattered vessel empty in its place
In the mirror I see now that I am the result
The result of one who has given to fault
Allowed it to bloom out, wither, and rot
This is my cancer that cannot be fought.
These pills that had once kept me sane
And these drugs that had once healed my pain
Now bring me more
So much more that I cannot endure
Dependence…is what I learned to believe
What will relieve my body and set me free.
I cannot break away
Nor do I wish to be sent astray
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Angelic Embrace - Updated by 8D-GCarb Angelic Embrace - Updated :icon8d-gcarb:8D-GCarb 1 0
Lacuna -Empty
Never thought that our world would come to an end,
Hoped that this was dream, which will be left forgotten.
That you would not come to depart from me,
Standing upon hell's doorstep, my heart screaming;
I look upon the darkness with no light teeming.
Because you are no longer with me.
Don't leave me in this rampant fearful dreaming,
Swallowed by insanity my mind now slipping.
Left alone, beaten from my heart's flurry
Dead and gone, left with your memory.
You stayed lingering in this land, only temporary
Tossed into searing flames, my world now burning.
No longer can I see your story.
Now I can feel deep sleep leaving,
A nightmare created in a false reality.
Not something that could ever occur to thee,
Never thought you would leave me here bleeding.
While raindrops pouring become my tears that keep on seeping
You took my everything, and left me alone....empty.
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Pain - Updated. by 8D-GCarb Pain - Updated. :icon8d-gcarb:8D-GCarb 0 0
Angelic Embrace
I see you in the gentle embrace
of the evening sun.
As you shine, breathing life
to all that surrounds.
I see you as you stand tall
ever ascending above.
Watching over those that lay below
in the failed garden
that we have birthed.
You linger around me,
and I see you...
but not with the sight
bestowed upon us
but by you presence
that brings me warmth.
You guide my transcending path
you are there if I fall astray
never do I fear
when I am with in
your angelic embrace.
:icon8d-gcarb:8D-GCarb 1 0
Fantasy.... Be Mine
When I'm alone next to you
It seems to turn the mood
when I look into your eyes
I can see the stars shine
with this I'm convinced, you could be mine
or is it falsely implied
Could I be the one for you
is it to good to be true
do you believe this too
glamoured by lovely lies
my mind is blind
Even so, I rather cast sight
If to call you mine
To hold you by my side
I pray day and night
to see you in my mind
and have you smile one last time
before I realize,
you were just fantasized.
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A Nightmare...
At night, in still peace beneath folded sheets
my eyes resting within tightened sheaths
I see the visions of which I have not sought
nor ever cared to have been brought to thought.
In the slumber of midnight's daintly hour
My vision reverts to that of dreams undesired
far from the thoughts of which I had admired
for now I sit upon night's crimson tower.
Perched high upon such gleaming sights
ever hoping to stay at fine hights,
Where all is sought,
and nothing fraught.
I stand tall upon the tower's edge
with momentous joy - left with tears
from sight of unbecoming fears
how easily hopeful dreams fled.
With a single step
towards the hellish ledge
escaping the pains which krept
I fell, gasping for the gift of death
I wake, shaking in my bed.
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It can be subtle yet fierce
Be quick or be slow
A feeling will follow
A feeling that stings the mind
Becoming trapped within a transfixed bind
Remorse extinct the hurt flows
Surpassing even my greatest fears
Striking my very heart
Cutting deep my blood tears
My will now unsowed
Torment seers my very skin
Imprinting its every whim
Taking over all that exist
No sympathy shown,
No hope is grown
Pain it speaks in a pretentious tone
My thoughts resonated in its murmur
Vice, it is parasitic with its claws clenched tight
Feeding upon me, I allow without fight
Now grim my fate I condone.
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I ve been updating my more recent poems with using imaging to make them pop out more in a sense. Some of the pictures will be either be taken by myself or by some friends of mine who are into photography, the first poem I updated was my poem entitled "Pain". The Picture was done by a friend of mine heather, truly a talented photographer and overall artist, I'm glad that  she let me use one of her photos for this. Ill post more updates later on.
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